Welcome to the website of Nordic Tales!

The guiding stars for Nordic Tales are different kind of stories, tales, sagas and myths. Fact and fiction, multimedia solutions, the mode for presenting tales might vary. It might reach you as a website, a photo, a card, a book, an object, but also as a video, a performance, a workshop etc.

There will be productions both made in cooperation with others and alone. Drama, mystique, secrets and whispers, wonders of nature, a dive into the past, present and future, a taste of life...

Runa - echoes from the Vikings, is the project that will act as an icebreaker and a guide for showing what kind of stories are on offer. Runa is a project in cooperation with Helena Wilenius (Helena's website www.loruumo.net).

The Rune of the Day is an application that gives you the chance to pick your daily rune and get a reading. I have heard people say that the reading has hit the right spot...

Courses and workshops will also be a part of the services. As sources of inspiration are nature, ecological values, recycling, joy and laughter, community, caring for each other, and the joy of doing things together.

Web design and other services in the field of communication are also included. More on these on the page services.

On the News page you will find information on current events, workshops and courses.

Thank you all for the positive feedback, it warms my heart and inspires to create new things to share with you. All feedback is still appreciated in the future.

The adventure has begun, follow the trails made by Nordic Tales…

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